The story of White Wonder

White Wonder is made based on inspiration from the success of the Indians with natural methods when it comes to healing processes of the skin.

Several hundred years ago, medicine men discovered that they could heal burns, skin scrapes, cuts, insect stings and countless other ailments simply by using carefully selected parts from bees and plants. They carefully brushed the parts, heated them and mixed them with vegetable oils. They smeared this mixture on the injuries and the result was lightning-fast healing and beautiful and soft skin.

White Wonder is built entirely according to the same principle, in addition the manufacturer has added a beeswax made exclusively from young bees.

The cream is antibacterial and at the same time self-preserving, and the effect will therefore always be present, regardless of how long and how you store the cream. In addition, natural vaseline from flower oils has been added, as well as grape seed oil, which softens and protects the skin from liquid.

White Wonder is thus a 100% natural product, and no preservatives, perfumes or parabens have been added.

White Wonder contains: Natural vaseline from exquisite flower oils, grape seed oil and 100% pure beeswax from young bees.

Natural vaseline reduces moisture loss and at the same time is recognized as good for healing your skin. It is one of the most effective and moisturizing ingredients we know and has been used in skin care since it was discovered in the United States in 1870 and it has since been highlighted in countless studies.